I am a 16-year-old girl and the age I’m at, that’s where the adolescent stage attacks hard. Well as a girl it’s hard to be renowned at this age but I think I am doing the most of it.

I see my peers being teenage mothers and I am not in their shoes, actually I am not thinking of being in their shoes and I’m not judging, trust me. I am also boy crazy even though I am not dating, confusing right? Okay let me explain it to you. I love boys, a lot. I have billions of crushes but zero boyfriends. That’s why I am boy crazy; it’s really funny how life can be.

When I was a toddler it was easy because I knew nothing about boys and feelings, and now I’m just in this world I find hard and fascinating at the same time. That’s why I call it the confusing stage.

You know growing up with friends that are dating while you’re not, it’s fun and stressful at the same time. Imagine them telling you all about their boyfriends and you are single and all you ever talk about is your crushes — yes that’s the story of my life.

My adolescent stage doesn’t really control me because I am not a teenage mom and I never gave away my precious gift, my virginity, but crazy enough it drove me to having countless crushes. So every guy I would meet and have a great conversation with, he was my crush but despite that there is one boy I am still obsessed about.

Buhle Dube, “the love of my life”. The poor guy doesn’t even know me but he lives in my bedroom thanks to social media. The way I know him I could even write a book based on his social life, school life, career life, etc. Yeah that’s what we call obsession, but wait I am not obsessed I’m just in love or should I say I am boy crazy or rather Buhle crazy. To be honest there is no guy in this whole world that makes me this crazy. I think I’m married to him, even at school they know that I am “Mrs Dube” and if they need information about the Dube family they are not going to waste their data, they’ll just come to me and I will supply the information.

Basically I was Buhle’s stalker. I knew all about his music and I have every album that he’s released. I am his number one Stan; stalker plus fan equals Stan. And funny enough I told myself that Buhle is the one who’s going to take my precious gift, talk about boy crazy right? I mean Buhle is a celebrity first of all and he is six years older than me and that means he could get married without knowing me. If he is not going to take my precious gift I guess I’ll give it away at the age of 25.

Yep that’s what we call boy crazy.


Tell us: Do you think there was a moment in your life where you were “boy crazy”?