I never got a chance to prove myself to my father. Yet I still have to make my mom proud of me. While I was a child I always wanted fancy toys and nice clothes but never got any of it because my parents couldn’t afford it. I used to cry everyday thinking that my mother never loved me but that was only in my mind. I now see clearly that everything she did back then she was only trying to protect me.

I never was a favourite to my late dad, but to my mom I was the best. She taught me a lot. Some of the things she did are what made me who I am today. She taught me to be strong, not to cry even when it’s hard. She made me not to beg even when I’m in need, not to always accept hand outs but to always work hard every day and night.

It was always tough at the beginning but now I’m used the idea. I always knew that to some people I will always be nothing but to my mom, I was everything. She will always be proud of the man I am. I never appreciated what she did for me because I felt it wasn’t good enough at that time.

I now feel like I owe my mom a lot for all the troubles that she went through to make me go to school from primary level to high school. I used to hate school but she showed me the importance of it. She made me realise that to achieve what I want in my life I have to listen and respect those who guide me.


You show me nothing but love as your son. I never did anything good to make you happy but you’re always proud of me and I really don’t know what I did to deserve a mother like you in my life, because I was nothing more than a heartbreaker that kept on bringing troubles to the family.

I remember the time daddy passed away and you were so down and sad. I used to cry every day in my room, hated that you were hurting. I never wanted you to see me crying and when I was with you I pretended to be strong and not to cry. You taught me not do that even when it’s hard. But deep inside my heart it was one big pain that nobody could ever take away from me.

I’m very grateful to have you in my life. I love you a lot mom. I’m proud of you mom.