As the girl gets taken away, she screams and shouts but her cries fall on deaf ears. The brutal ways of these men is too much for her to handle. They show no mercy or sympathy whatsoever.

She tries her best to fight them, but it’s a losing battle for they are too strong for her. She is in so much pain it’s unbearable. She is also confused as to what wrong has she done to these men. She thinks hard trying to remember how she wronged or hurt these men, that way she could ask for forgiveness. And maybe, just maybe the pain will go away.

These men go on with one thing in their minds, ‘SATISFACTION’!

They each take turns to force themselves on to her. She has stopped fighting and screaming, for it is pointless anyway. She listens to their evil laughs and watches them as they ‘indulge’ in what doesn’t belong to them, her WOMANHOOD, her PRIDE!

What will become of her now? She has lost what was most valuable to her, something priceless! Now it’s gone and she can never claim it back. It was snatched away from her, taken just like that!

It belonged to her, but not anymore.

Why her?

She is alone in her sorrows, without a single soul to cry her heart out to. She has no shoulder to cry on. She is all alone!

As she sits at the clinic; tears streaming down her cheeks at the sight of her test results, the paper tearing from the wetness of her tears.


No other solution beats the one she has now…

As she lay on the floor, not moving an inch, with an empty bottle of poison right beside her, she has brought it all to an end!

The world mourns her death, but its’ too late. And all they can ask is WHY?

But who could blame her… She was only thirteen!