When my son was a few months old my colleagues would bully him behind my back and say hurtful stuff. What is hurtful about this is that they are all mothers. I couldn’t say anything about this because it was done behind my back.

When he was a toddler we would take him to Limpopo. It is very hot there and he would come back very sunburnt to his eyes. He’s a boy and he plays too much. He doesn’t know that playing a lot in the sun can damage your skin. When he came back to Jozi one of my mum’s friends would call him myamane. From my knowledge it means a very dark person.

Back in Limpopo, at my grandfather’s funeral, one family member asked me why my son was so dark because none of my family members are dark. I didn’t understand. My son was just two years and a few months old. Her kids are dark, she’s also dark. My dad is dark, my son’s father is dark, my uncle is dark, my aunt is dark and I’m also dark. I didn’t get were all this was coming from, but I let it slide.

But now I’m tired of letting it slide.

I carried my son for nine months and every time I look at him I see a gift, a blessing. My son is handsome. He can be a little bit darker than you or your kids, but I’m okay with that. I don’t want him growing up thinking there’s a problem with him or his skin. My son’s skin is beautiful. You should see it in the light. He has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.

I used to think there was a problem with his skin. I would spend money on baby skin products. Epimax, aloe Vera for kids, but none of that would really work. I started using Vaseline and my son’s skin just radiated through it.

My son is beautiful. All I see is perfection. If you see a problem with him then that’s on you, you deal with it. Don’t put it on me or my son. His skin is golden. I love him the way he is. I can’t keep on protecting him from others kids and their parents. If you think your kid is somewhat more perfect than mine, then congratulations. All kids are different in their own way, everyone is.

Please allow my kid to be happy in this world too. I don’t want to lose a son because of your hurtful remarks, keep them to yourselves and check your kids, build your kids.

Whatever you say or do, your kid takes it from you and takes it to other kids. They think because their parents do it it’s okay. It’s not okay. STOP BULLYING OUR KIDS. Take your negative energy elsewhere. My son won’t be part of statistics of suicide. My son won’t see a problem with himself because of you. Period.

Parents please stop bullying our kids.

Community members please stop bullying our kids.

Kids please stop bullying each other.

By Marcia Bvuma.

A tired parent.


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