When I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe, then I’ll be successful! I’m one of those able to push through when things aren’t going my way that are truly great. Sometimes in life we have no right to judge people by their outside appearances, not knowing what’s inside or what they are capable of. You might be surprised! As they say: “Never judge a book by its cover”.

It’s those that make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen. It’s those that look forward to challenges so that they can become stronger and learn from them. It’s those that don’t let negative influences get to them but instead maintain a positive mindset. Be great! We have it in us if we don’t waste time judging things or people.

Am I committed, or do I just want the results? Too often I see people telling themselves that they will work hard to reach their goals. Once things get tough, they stop going to the gym, stop working on their ideas and stop improving. Instead, they become stagnant. To reach your goals without being judged negatively, you need to be committed and realize that this isn’t something you do every now and then; it’s a lifestyle. You need to put your blood, sweat and tears into the journey to get where you want to be.

There will be bumps and hiccups along the way and that’s fine, but stick with it and don’t give up. The results will come – but only if you’re committed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t be fooled either – nothing great happens overnight. All your hard work will pay off. It will, but it takes time to see results. Stick with it, don’t give up and show yourself what you’re made of. You will eventually achieve the results.

What separates those who are great from the rest? They don’t give up when things get tough. They keep going and pushing through until they reach their goals, regardless of what’s in the way. Make great things, don’t allow to be judged by your cover.

We can say how we’re going to do this, that and the other. What differentiates the great from the rest is that they are DOERS. Rather than saying they will do something, they do it. They prove through action rather than through words. Be a DOER and show the world what you’re capable of!

If it was easy everyone would do it. It takes a special person to keep pushing yourself when things don’t go as planned; When the road gets rocky, when you need to dig deep and sacrifice to achieve your goals. At the end of the day it’s YOU that controls YOUR destiny. For YOU to reach YOUR goals, you’re going to come across multiple challenges, obstacles and unexpected scenarios. You can either take the easy route and call it quits, or you can push through and tell yourself that ‘can’t’ and ‘no’ are not an option.

If you tell yourself you can’t do it, the chances are you probably won’t. However, changing your perspective and believing in yourself will give you the confidence to challenge yourself, to go and try new things, and to push through whatever obstacles are in your way to prove to yourself that YOU CAN.