True love is something that comes once in a lifetime. This modern era is filled with lies and deceit and more fake love. True love is not rare. Man, I was a fool. I guess you’re wondering who I am.

Well, I am an imbecile who let a good thing walk out of his life. I guess you wanna know the name of that imbecile who broke a heart of a good woman into millions of pieces. I shall stop speaking in riddles. The name of this inconsiderate oke is William James, the ladies’ man.

My women used to call me “Will the Casanova.” If they called me a cold hearted player, my response was, “If I am really a player, am I Messie, Ronaldo or Neymar?” I just named the best players in the world. Damn! I was something else, a nasty piece of work. A man-whore who slept around like it was a sport, that’s what I’ve always been and always will be.

I did some gymnastics on the bed and my floozies liked it.

All the things I did were not worth it because I came to realise that they can never be that poor beautiful creature named Corina Jones.

Corina was everything to me, my sun, my moon and stars. She gave me tons of chances each and every time I screwed up. I remember that time when she found out that I put my hands on her best friend’s cookie jar. Her best friend always had the hots for me since day one. I cheated to give her a bit of happiness. I hated seeing women unhappy. I loved women and Corina knew better. A leopard could never change its spots but he thought I would change.

I got worse and I could pin all this on her. She was the reason why I cheated. She acted all holy and I knew I was speaking trash by making her a scapegoat. Poor thing went overboard to make me happy. She was afraid of losing me whilst I acted almighty with pure arrogance.

She started changing herself by acting like those sly floozies that are one night stand Queens. She wore lingerie and at first I liked it. Then as time went by I became sick of this immoral behaviour. This was not her, I had moulded her. She did all that in the name of love and it infuriated me. I was so super angry with myself. How could I do this to a sweet human being? She deserved better. I knew she was dying inside, bottling in all her emotions.

I don’t wanna lie, if she cheated on me with my best friend, the way I did to her, I would’ve dumped her the minute I found out.

But yet again, the dog that I am, I cheated again.

This time my infidelity resulted in pregnancy. I impregnated her older sister. I tried to come with the excuse of being drunk but I knew it was a lie and I would have done it whether I was sober or not.

This time I saw something different about her. I always knew she was a time ticking bomb. There was no happy ending in here. Her eyes were burning. Something so deep and strong was in there. That something was hatred. I saw hatred in her eyes. I never saw this version of her before. She was hurting. I had cut her deep this time. She threw a plate at me, fortunately I ducked.

She was a she-hulk murdering me with those evil eyes filled with hate.

“It’s over. I don’t want to see you ever again, you are dead to me!” she said angrily, leaving the room. She had always been a woman of few words. I let her walk away.

Things did not go well with me after that. I lost the child. Charlene had an abortion without discussing it with me, she did not want the baby. She had depression and the abortion drove her crazy. She kept hearing a baby crying in her sleep and later she was sent to an asylum. I guess it was all karma. What I was left with was zero.

I was on my own, drowning my woes on booze and realising what an incredible fool I’d been. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and undo all the things I’ve done.


Tell us: Do you think it’s right to change your personality so that someone else would not leave you?