She was always my best friend. We had grown together, did things that nobody knew about. We would fight, then 10 minutes later, we’d be talking to each other again. I guess she was the kind of friend that couldn’t tell me when I had done something wrong she’d be like, “nah you don’t have to stress about what other people think about you.”

Mom didn’t like her and she knew that.

“I understand your mother, she’s an elderly woman and sees things of her own so I’m not gonna treat her like she does to me,” she’d say.

She would cheat on her boyfriend and I would feel bad about it because my boyfriend didn’t even care about how I felt in everything he does! She had a blesser and would go on a vacation for the whole weekend and switch off her phone in case her boyfriend called. Katlego would ask me where has your friend gone and I’d lie and say I haven’t seen or heard from her for the whole week. I could see he was hurt and feeling unappreciated.

One getaway she called me and asked me for an awkward favour.

“Chomi, please take care of Katlego cause I’m gonna stay for another two weeks with Mr finance,” she said.

“What do you mean take care of him?” I asked.

“You’ll know what to do,” she said, hanging up.

I called Katlego and asked him if he didn’t mind if I came over and visited him. He was fine with it. he treated me so special, more than my so called boyfriend. He was so gentle when he spoke to me. I started to get closer to him, I saw he was such a shy person so I kissed him first. Omg, his lips were so soft and his touch, well, we hit it raw and so slow I have never had it this way before. My boyfriend is always fast, he doesn’t even care how it feels but Katlego…

I thought after getting laid he wouldn’t be able to look me in my eyes, but he pulled closer and we cuddled.

“How about we try a relationship since Mapitso doesn’t care and I wanna try something new,” he said.

“Yes, we should try it out,” I said.

I broke up with my boyfriend and Katlego and I began to stroll in the streets and play with each other.

One Sunday morning when we were still sleeping in his house we heard a knock and he went to check who it was and then boom, Mapitsi returned. She was all smiles and began kissing Katlego, but he pushed her away and told her to leave. She couldn’t believe it. I was there naked on top of her boyfriend’s bed and I said nothing.

She started to swear at me, telling me I am a witch and an evil friend. Well, she could have appreciated her boyfriend and shouldn’t have asked me to sleep with him.

Now I am two months pregnant with Katlego’s child and he’s about to pay lobola for me. I know she hates me, but it’s her own fault.


Tell us: What would you do if you were in any of their shoes?