Ever heard of the saying, people who give, who are there for others, get the very opposite thing.

I wondered because I think most of us have been there. We had friends, relatives who, for example, borrowed money and never gave it back. Who always remember us when they are in trouble or need something but when they are sorted, they forget your existence.

Sometimes we let those people do that to us, we give them permission, we let them undermine us and sometimes we do that to other people too. Sometimes you are there for people you wish would be there for you as well, and not be there for people who would be there for you because your focus is on the wrong people.

Don’t get me wrong, people don’t owe you anything. Just because you are there for someone doesn’t mean you own them, and vice versa. But, we as humans need affection and at times we want it from the people who are not meant for us. They are not evil, but they are just not for you, they are for others. We tend to love those who don’t love us, want to be accepted by those who don’t see us, and would want to do anything for them to notice us and I guess we humans like that.

The truth is, there are people who love you, who look up to you, might not be the ones you want but they are there. Focus on that, or learn to, because this is a journey and we are all learning. I’m learning myself.


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