I woke up with a fat smile. Today was the day I’ve been waiting for. My other half was returning home. No scale would measure my happiness. I couldn’t help but sing a melody. I had prepared a nice welcoming sort of speech for her. I would tease her of being a doctor written by a pencil on hospital’s files.

She had been gone for six years to Cuba. I’ve been a loner without her. I can’t believe I cried the time she stepped on the plane. I was such a cry baby. I sure wasn’t responsible for my feelings. I missed everything about her – her sweet voice, her warm arms to wrap around my cold body and result to a spark, her pink lips that utter only healing words. Above all: her presence. I know I’m complaining, but to me she is all I need.

I rushed to the airport very early. On my way, I passed a florist. She was selling breath-taking flowers. These were exquisite, ravishing flowers, I thought to myself. I quickly bought them and continued with my way. I arrived at the airport earlier than I expected. My feet carried me faster today. A smile was implanted on my face. I was so excited, and yet afraid. These emotions! I don’t understand them.

Identify her, quickly rush to her, give her a warm hug with a peck on her cheek as a teaser, be a caring boyfriend, welcome her home. I silently recited to myself.

The plane landed, and quickly spilled the passengers in numbers. Oh no! She is not on this plane. I despaired and sat down holding tears back. The next thing I heard was someone greeting me with a familiar voice. It was her! We held each other on a bone-crushing hug. Flowers flew and landed on a ground. They were the least important, by then. I looked deeper on her eyes, all I saw was pure bliss. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out. To save the embarrassment, I embraced her again. Silence took over. We stood for what seemed like eternity staring at each other while smiling like idiots.

When she wanted to say something, emotions overwhelmed her. Tears escaped her eyes. I wanted to bail her out and speak myself. Same occurred to me, tears found their way down my cheeks involuntarily. She raised her soft, thin fingers to wipe my tears away. Goodness, I missed those electrifying fingers! My second attempt of trying to break the silence also failed. Words failed me.

Luckily, her family grew out of nowhere and gave her a group hug, me included! My life was perfect. I was a king of the world. They asked a family time with her, and I made my way back home. I winked at her and mouthed β€œI missed you” before I disappeared into thin air. Life was smooth!