Long, long time ago when animals used to talk there lived a very naughty rat. Every day the rat would go in the granary and eat. The farmer was not happy, so he set a trap between the forest and his home.

When the rat saw that he was unhappy, so he went to Chicken.

“Please Chicken, my friend, can you do something about the trap?”

Laughing, Chicken said, “Rat, I told you many times to eat in the forest and leave home food for us.”

Oh what a day it was for poor Rat. He saw goat and begged.

“Goat my bro, please do something about that trap?”

Bleating loudly Goat said, “Rat, you cross my path without even saying hello, that trap is for trouble makers like you.”

Rat was worried. He saw Bull grazing nearby and started begging.

“Please Bull, you are my last hope, kick that trap and we can be friends,”

Bull stared at Rat and said, “Rat, I can’t play with you, too small, that trap will stop your nonsense.”

Rat was now hysterical; he did not sleep or eat with worry.

By night a snake going for chicken eggs had a surprise when a trap caught his tail. The man heard the trap and smiled. “Rat is gone for ever.”

The man ran to the trap and as he touched it the snake bit him. He screamed and ran back to the hut shouting that the snake bit him.

Morning came and the man was seriously ill. By afternoon he died. The family had to chase Chicken to kill him. And while he was running in the forest Rat was laughing.

“Chicken I told you to take the trap look now, crying chicken was killed. The next day more people came and goat was killed, on the day of the funeral, bull was chosen and rat told him, bull my brother you should all have listened to me, look now you all gone.