Poor self-judgement. It all begins with comparing yourself to those around you; always mimicking whatever your peers do.

Poor self-judgement is the worst enemy of all. It is the pressure which you press down and it becomes your stumbling block. It isolates you from everything that leads to success and goodness.

People with poor self-judgement lose hope in small things, not only small, but in everything they do. It makes you feel depressed to a level where the thought of sitting down and thinking or finding who you really are never crosses your mind.

It actually seems to be a waste of time. People with self-poor judgement act as a ‘khophe’ bird for it does have its own wings, but flies to every direction the wind is blowing. They are themselves, but live someone’s vision of them. They always feel less important in everyone’s presence, but reader, my advice to you is to stop comparing yourself to others. Stop doing things to impress those around you for they do not care about your life. Know that you are precious and you are loved.

Find who you are. Never live to impress anyone for you came alone in this world.


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