Seventeen-year-old Thapelo enjoyed playing around with his ball that he got from his mother on his birthday. He lived with both his parents, John and Lerato and was the only child in the house. And his parents spoilt him rotten! He was in matric at St Mary’s High School in Orange Farm.

It was Friday morning and they were having fun at his school with lots of activities to be performed. But Thapelo’s only interest was soccer. The teacher called all pupils and explained the procedure for the day and they understood all the rules and activities. They started moving to different activities.

Thapelo was on the ground where two teams were playing against each other. He was in the Blue Bulls team and their opponents were the Red Fire. Thapelo was so excited to make his debut and he managed to score two goals within fifteen minutes.

It was then half time, Sizwe from Red Fire was so angry and jealous over Thapelo’s talent as he caucused with his teammates. They sang their song to boost morale and went back to the field.

The second half got underway and Thapelo again scored three goals before finish time. His coach was impressed and could see Thapelo would go far. He called him aside to ask him what his future plans were.

“Thapelo, you played very well as usual. You made Team Blue Bulls proud!” said the coach, shaking Thapelo’s hand.

“Thank you, coach. It is through all your support and teamwork that I brought my A-game,” Thapelo responded.

“So what career path do you plan to follow after matric?” the coach asked, looking at him closely.

“I am not sure yet. But besides playing soccer, I enjoy Accounting.” He fiddled with his fingers.

“Okay, but I see you making a career out of football,” said Thapelo’s coach.
Thapelo felt happy, because he knew all his friends and family encouraged him to play soccer. Thapelo went home excited about the five goals he had scored.

“Hey, I hear you made Blue Bulls proud as usual!” Thapelo’s mom blushed.

“Come here, give me a high five! You make me proud!” his father said.

“Thanks daddy, even our coach was as proud and he even asked me to consider football as a career.”
Thapelo’s father laughed

“He really asked you a good question, you need to make a decision. His mother dished up for supper and they celebrated their son’s achievement. Thapelo enjoyed the food so much and even asked for a second plate.

Thapelo wrote his matric, and got good marks that allowed him to do BCom. But instead he followed soccer. He is now a recognised soccer player. He’s got a son and a wife now, and is enjoying life to the fullest.


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