Technology grows at an interesting and most definitely fascinating rate, with the claim of making connections to our loved ones better than ever.

Our hands are tied. Eyes have flashing images displayed on the screen every now and then. Without realising how this is affecting us we are hooked on trying to find ourselves trending on one of the well-known social media applications. Nothing seems to be real if we are not focusing on screens. No one seems to be important if they are not one of our social media celebrities.

“Hooked on screens?”, it does not seem real now does it? Look or think back to how you dressed, how you talked, what you ate. Think of what you most definitely want to look like and what you’re aiming to achieve. All these things are influenced by our phones and we can say that is all the traumatic part about our beloved technology. Our mute friends, yet powerful and controlling. We feel sad but we don’t express any sign of sadness.

It seems our addiction to these fascinating tools is slowly pulling us away from those nearby, yet keeping us very much in touch with those far from us. We no longer value face to face conversations, but we are really interested in what is said over the phone.

Now technology has planted its traps in schools and sadly, creativity is no longer in schools. With the hope of no longer being controlled by gadgets, I imagine a world with low batteries and a whole lot less of face to face conversations.


Tell us: Do you agree that cellphones are a trap?