Baby, I don’t think I’m going to make it through the night. Yes you guessed, it’s the cancer, but don’t worry I have it all under control.

I’m sorry, ok, that’s probably not the best I could do, but you know me and my proud behind. I’ve been feeling out of place lately, it’s not anything new but it’s a little overboard now. I miss you. I’ve been saving your pictures, every time I see them on Instagram. And you know what’s crazy? I wanted to FaceTime you not so long ago.

Dude I miss our little pillow fights, your arms comforting me in my moment of weakness. When anyone saw us, they could tell we were worlds apart, but we made it work. Well, we tried, right? Your desire to make it out of the hood made me sleep peacefully at night. Your ambition, passion and love for what you do made me feel at peace with myself and eager to work on myself. But I found out after we broke up, you turned to something else and I want to know why.

Have you forgotten your first love? What you’re made for? What perfectly suits your perfect dark skin with white manly teeth and an infectious smile? It’s ok, I know you’ll be great in whatever you choose.

Back to us, thank you for checking up on me occasionally. It made me feel… loved.
For the last time, from me to you, I hate you for letting me go just to please other people. I hate your tall handsome American-Nigerian hunky self. But I’ll always remember you, you were my first after all.

From Your chocolate, Nelisa.


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