Wonder if love is not over rated especially since it’s full of sabotage and deception. How real is love? Question marks are on my mind and yours. Love on your mind is the best feeling ever, but with lies and betrayal perceptions on love evaporate to a devastating form of bad self. You don’t know what to do next, yet you ask yourself is love worth it? Is it worth getting hurt? Answer is no, because you love yourself too much for that.

Your mentality of love shifts for your own pleasure. Once you get it through sexual intercourse you move on from your partner like he or she never existed. The people that you leave become like you in disguise as they get pleasure on their next victims and leave them once the job in bed is done.

Cycle of hatred replaces love. You don’t give someone special your entire heart, in the end things don’t work out. It’s electrifying to notice how love has been replaced with money and luxury. Yeah that’s 21st century love. It’s not entirely bad coz some people in this planet get lucky and get the person they desire. So there’s hope, after all when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

That’s true love, it lasts for generation to generation. Believe it or not it’s none of my business.