Welcome to my world:

Life is hectic, and the basic needs have become a deadly human touch, breathing the same air, and touching the same door handle as other people.

We used to go on dates and hold hands, now we can’t even sit at the same table. We used to chill at the park and look into each other’s eyes, now we need our mouths and noses covered. We used to fight over the remote to play our favourite songs, now we need to wipe the remote before we touch it.

We used to have minor stress and frustration caused by insensitive people that we love anyway, now it is caused by missing the very same people because we cannot visit each other anymore. We used to use our five senses to enjoy life, food, music, friends and family, now we use our God given senses to be on the look-out for possible death or isolation.

We use to take simple phone calls to check on friends or family members that once helped us climb the leader for granted, now we have to deal with rest in peace texts whenever we reach out. We used to not care if the family sat together and had a simple meal over a conversation about how we handled the new world with our phones down, but I guess we still do not do iy because we are still living in a cyber-world, and we will possibly never hear “pass the salt”, “pass the juice”, or even “stop chewing so loudly” because we are too busy liking status updates.

We used to find listening to our parent’s childhood stories boring, but now those same stories are the tales that can be spun to bring us to a blissful place. We never understood “you only live once” until now, when we finally realise that time wasted is a sin. We used to image how the world would change, well this is it, my brothers and sisters, we finally have our answer. So, it’s time to stop imaging and start living

Say the things you want say and don’t hold back. Do the things you imagine will change your life. Love unconditionally, or fearlessly isolate yourself in order to regroup. Learn who your loved ones are while they are still around, and learn more ways to conquer your dreams.

Live, and don’t over think things!


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