We met at a party. My old high-school crush. She looks better than ever and the alcohol has her throwing herself at me. Should I or should I not take advantage? She begs me to take her to bed. I live far away, so does she. Upstairs we go, pulling me by my hand, you’d swear this was like a porn video intro. We get into a vacant room and we both fall onto the bed. She told me how she’d count the stars and hope I was doing the same. Warm in our embrace, our bodies heating up and a passionate kiss followed. If it weren’t for the smell of alcohol, this could have been one of the best kisses ever.

Slowly but surely, the passion burning us up began to numb our minds. T-shirts up and over, a bra flew near the door. I took a moment to marvel at her bare half-naked body. I wanted in. Not because the beer said so, but because of the seeds of love I planted years ago now bear fruit. What a late bloomer. She couldn’t help herself. Her hands held my crotch. The reptiles between my legs, beyond metallic, just wanted penetration. But all of a sudden, she pushed me away and said, “No condom, no game.”

The people below felt my heart drop to the ground and shatter. I searched and searched, but nothing. With a cheater’s speed I ran out. I asked everyone, but none. The long walk of shame I had. As I opened the door, she lay there, a half-naked goddess. Then I was overcome by a sense of peace. It was not penetration I needed, but the failure of. Because no regrets for the morning. Maybe, just maybe, this could spark a bigger fire than friendship and lust. I lay near her, kissed her forehead, wrapped my arms around her anatomy, and pleasured my hands full of boobs. The inner peace I achieved. I slept in peace, next to the one who opened my heart, the first of few, who knew my true love.

Tell us: What did you think of her “no condom, no game” choice?