In the world we living in today, most girls are falling in love or being in relationships with boys with the intention of only receiving what they desire from the boys and not for true love that was embedded between Abraham and Sarah.

You may find out that a girl can reject a guy’s proposal just because he is from a poor background. A girl may deny a guy’s proposal by default, just because his parents are poor and cannot afford to provide him with everything. This might be the major influence for the girls to reject any kind of a proposal from a guy. Most girls would prefer having a guy who will be like an ATM card for them, so that they may not have any problem asking for money, at any time, whenever they want it.

Some will even accept a proposal from a guy who already has a girlfriend, or a married man, with grandchildren, just because of his wealth. In other words, most of the girls don’t even mind whether a guy already has a relationship with someone else or if he has a family. As long as he is able to give them what they want. Also, other girls don’t really care that the world is also highly populated with people who are infected with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) for their hearts only rest on the money or wealth.

They don’t fear having relationships with guys whom they already know that they have HIV/AIDS (Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Their hearts mainly focus on the wealth of these guys. They don’t realise that money doesn’t last forever, but the diseases that can be transmitted into their bodies stays within them forever.

This made and continues to make a lot of guys who are from well-off families to enjoy a life of chasing after many girls, at any time they want and at any setting they prefer. For they know that many girls cannot reject their proposals since money is what “them” girls would like or love to be given, just like manna. They change girls as if they are changing clothes and others even have more girlfriends than the hairs on our bodies.

On the other hand, those guys from poor families basically end up in tears for they are granted with the gift of rejection or negative responses during their proposals with the girls of their dreams. Girls whom they have been spending ages and ages praying about. Others even feel like they were cursed by Satan from right under their mothers’ womb, because they are terrified at the thought that they will never have the girl of their dreams to love for all eternity.

Further to this, some guys from poor families do try to do their best to work hard at school, so they can acquire a certificate, a diploma, or a degree. So that they can be employable at a certain company, so that they can be able to earn money just to please girls. And others use the knowledge that they have acquired from their studies to indulge in small businesses because they want to have money that the girls want a guy to have. Last but not least, other guys even fake or try to pretend as if they are from well-off families, by borrowing clothes and some even borrow money from some of their friends who are from well-off families just to attract the eyes of the girls as if they are from a rich family, of which the opposite is true.

Since this is one of the biggest pictures that a lot of males in this generation have placed in their brains, allow me to clearly advise you as a social critic that not all girls have that intention of wanting a guy who is rich. Not all girls have the desire of wanting the riches that exists on this earth, through a guy or a lover. Not all girls are like that. There are many girls out there, in the same country and in the same region, who are not money lovers or gold diggers. Girls who aren’t looking for guys who are from rich families or are looking for guys to eradicate their poverty.

Know and understand that there are many girls out there who are looking for guys, mainly just to provide them with love, support, security and care, without the existence of any money. And they are willing to accept a guy based on who he is and not what he has. There are a lot of girls out there who are looking for guys they just want to be by their side, to share with each other the original meaning of love.

Not all girls that you see in the streets fall in love with a guy just because of where he comes from. But instead they fall in love with a guy based on what and who he is and the love that they are able to demonstrate in their lives. Because to them, being rich means having a loving heart, like that of Jesus Christ. A love that does not choose whom to be with, the unconditional love of the father of both Abraham and Jacob.


Tell us: Do you know of girls who only date guys for money? Why do you think they do it?