The word father, we may say it easily like any other word, but it comes with lots of responsibility and power.

When I was young I used to think it meant nothing. Maybe it was because I was young and grew up without knowing who I could call father. Hearing my friends calling their fathers by many names: Baba, Papa, Dad, it was painful because I was told that my father left me when I was three years old. After my mother died no one saw him again.

After many years my friend from school said to me, “There is someone at the gate waiting for you. He said he is your father.”

After so many years I couldn’t face him because I was scared. I wondered how this was possible. I wasn’t sure whether he was my father. So I just kept waiting inside the class until he thought that everyone had gone and then he left.

At the time the word father meant nothing to me. Until I became: Father, Baba, Papa. Now I know that the word father is important and means a lot to the one who is calling the name. A father can also be a leader, the head of the family, a mentor and a role player, a parent to someone and also a king in his kingdom. That’s what the word father means to me now.


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