This piece is really important to me because I wrote it when I was still a boy preparing to go to the mountain to be a man, in other words it was my last words I said as a boy. Enjoy!

My Family

I don’t have many days left before I become a man. Yes I do want to be one, but they say it’s hard and painful. Frankly speaking, I don’t care! At this point I just want to be a man, get respect, and make my own decisions.

Having God in my life made everything easier for me because I have a place or a person to trust on. I praise the Lord for everything he did for me and family, to be honest it’s been a tough year for us but look still good and healthy. My mom and dad are still together, alive and that’s what makes me stronger.

My grandfather’s brother, whom I call daddy, is still good and I really love him more for what he did for us. Thethile is his name I really don’t know why everyone calls him that, I guess he liked to talk maybe and eventually he got the name which means ‘spokesman’.

He doesn’t know much about us but he accepted us and he showed love even though sometimes I feel too much isolated from our new family but I don’t blame them. I blame time.

Yes, my big brother Athi is not here with me but I’m glad that he got a job so he can support his family and may the God bless him through hard and good times.

Imbeleko Rebirth

Tomorrow is 10 December 2018 and I’ll be doing my Imbeleko ritual. I pray everything goes well and smooth. I invite my ancestors to come and bless my road and stimulate my interest in this road that I’m about to take of manhood. Let them humble and discipline me.

After this important ritual, we’re going straight to what I came here for which I call “the initiation school tour” I call it that because for me it’s not about manhood, but about me learning manhood and my tradition so that I can stand before the world proud and confident because I know I’m fully equipped about my culture. Yes I’m very scared because I really don’t know what’s happening in there.

My village life has been well so far because I’m learning and teaching at the same time. In terms of my career, which is fashion designing and dance artist, I think I’m truly blessed to live here because this place is very beautiful and artistic.

We have a river that ran out of water and it’s deep and the rocks are still there with some crazy artistic shapes for a photoshoot. Even the animals are friendly and adorable. As I walked past, an idea came through and guess what? It’s all coming back next year just to come and design some garments that are truly inspired by the African Ngqamakhwe experience.

Take some pictures and go around my village ask people about my native history and their views about African life versus the Western one. Because I think I can write a story just to give the world an African true story all written by a proudly African who wet from boys to men.

Love one another and I don’t think that’s hard because our ancestors were doing it before us.


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