It all began when Anya, my girlfriend, asked me why I had no boyfriend for over two years now. I simply answered, “Because I want a white one.” She laughed at me and we made a bet. She had been trying to hook me up with Jaise.

He was a cool guy but he was not what I wanted.

“I will go out with Jaise during the holidays if I don’t have one then. But if I do, you go on a date with Jaise.” I promised her and myself.

I’ve had three relationships all my life. I would rather not talk about them anyway. My sister believed that I was hypnotized by the “love movies” I watched. “With your expectations, dear you will stay single forever,” she told me.

I wanted to meet a guy the old fashioned way, in a bar. But I was too young to get inside a bar and I needed to be loved soon. I knew it wouldn’t that much hard because I associated with white people at home, church or even at school. My actual plan was that I ask Will, my best-home-boy-friend, to just lie for a week or so to Anya.

Will was game because he also had some unfinished business of dating a black girl. So we were fooling everybody from my side and his side. Not much changed to us because at home we’d spend much time as best friends. We had to cover up when we met in public. When it came to kissing, it would be my cheek and forehead, except at crucial times when he had to kiss my lips.

Anya lost the bet to me and went on a boring date with Jaise. Then one day, we were playing truth and dare when Anya dared me to kiss Will. “Not just a kiss Paige, a real long kiss,” she demanded. Everybody knew that Will and I were dating so I had to do it otherwise people would find out.

I stood up and walked to Will; he took my hand and squeezed it. He leaned in and I closed my eyes. Our lips touched, sending jittery vibes all over my body. His hand moved to my waist, this time sending electrical shocks to every vain. My hand lay on his chest while the other stroked through his hair continuously. It was my Cinderella moment. It was perfect.

We kissed passionately until Anya stopped us. Seven full minutes! I was hit by a bout of confusion. I ran for my bag and stormed out of Will’s house like lightning. I wandered through the streets looking for my way home. I turned back and saw Will running after me. A well of tears dampened my cheeks as I ran for my gate.

I barged into my room, leaving my door open. I sat on my bed with more tears coming out now. The real truth was, I was crying was I had fallen in love with Will. And the kiss hurt me so much because Will couldn’t possibly love me back. I sobbed my heart out when Will came into my room.

He was panting and out of breath. He sat down to calm down. That took my heart even more, he was sweating. After a moment he moved to my bed and I had stopped crying. My heart pounded nearly out of my chest when he touched my hand. I pulled away because I wouldn’t dare to hold in what he did to me when we touched.

He cleared his throat and finally spoke out.

“Paige, I have to tell you something,” he paused, looking into my watery eyes. “I… I… think I have… no! I know that I have fallen in love with you.”

I sighed and held his hand.

“Really?” I exclaimed. “Because I love you too, Will.” I whispered.

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“No need for that anymore,” I mumbled through his lips as we kissed.

Heavens knows how long that kiss lasted. I told Anya the truth and she scolded me. I even went to dinner at Will’s house. I haven’t told my mom because she would stop him from entering that gate. Will comes to my house for homework and he hugs me from behind in the kitchen when I make us lunch.

We have stolen kisses every time my sister turns her back on us. I am even his date for Matric Ball, and he too is my date for my dance since we go to different schools.

So now I have double what I wanted; a white boyfriend and best-home-boy-friend.

The End


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