The love she thought she had for him, left her devastated. She had thought their meeting to be timed perfectly as she had been single for a while and recently went back to the dating scene. On this particular day, she had done some spring cleaning and felt lazy to cook and decided she’d have takeaway instead.

As she was standing in line to make her order, Leonard had introduced himself, flirted a little and left her wanting more. And she was glad she had given him her number. They kept contact for a while and eventually started going out. Hazel liked Leonard a lot.

She liked the fact that he was honest and would rather hurt you with the truth than make you happy with lies. She loved his smile but mostly was charmed by his persona. The first time they had sex, it was terrible. Hazel had insisted on using protection whilst Leonard didn’t object, he still penetrated her without any, and this, had made Hazel angry as she didn’t know his HIV status.

She wasn’t as worried about pregnancy and other STI’s as she knew they were curable. Second time around, Leonard totally objected to using protection and this made sex even more horrible as Hazel didn’t get wet and just couldn’t respond to his movements.

She always felt stupid after intercourse and didn’t know how to address this with him…Why doesn’t he want to use protection? Does he want to infect me? Does he want to impregnate me? She knew she was cleverer than this but somehow she could not stop it. In the end, Leonard left her HIV positive. She had no choice but to accept the consequences of her stupidity.

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