Learners gathered together, singing and clapping hands. Sipho was dancing to the tune of a portable Bluetooth speaker. He ran a tuck shop and his father worked at the municipality as a general worker. The class of 2018 was celebrating the approaching matric dance and their final exams.

“It’s been years since I studied at Boitumelo High School,” George stated.

“Wow! We did it, and we are reaching our final exams,” Sipho replied.

Sipho wanted to have a girlfriend just like his friends. One day he met a beautiful lady with curves and Brazilian hair. Her face was round and beautiful and Sipho started shaking.

“Hey, can I have airtime?” she asked.

“Oh… OK…” Sipho started sweating and his hand was shaking as he handed her the air time. He wanted to chat with her, her name was Lerato. He stared at her till she got out of the yard.

Sipho couldn’t sleep that night and he was tossing and turning, thinking about Lerato and kept checking the clock. He wanted to meet her at school the next day.

Sipho’s friends were busy chatting under the tree and he joined them during break time and started telling them about Lerato.

“I met a beautiful, classy girl at my place, she was buying airtime,” his friends started to listen to his story.

“When I saw her, my heart was beating so fast like a running plane. Guys, I couldn’t sleep thinking about this girl,”

“Come on man, be a man and stop this joke,” his friends laughed at him.

“You need to approach the girl and stop being scared. Get rid of the fear my friend,” his other friend added.

“Look Sipho, stand in front of the mirror and have confidence. One day you will win her heart and she will become your wife,”

Sipho was now becoming brave, “Guys, I will show her how much I love her.”

After break Lerato entered the class. She wore her skirt above the knee and had on a t-shirt, carrying text books and flash books. Sipho lifted his head to see this classy-looking girl.

“Hello, I need your help,” she said and Sipho froze and started shaking.

“About?” He was staring at this girl, frozen.

“I can’t understand Calculus, Mathematics is a very difficult subject,” she said, reaching for his hand. “I am Lerato and I heard my teacher saying you are good in Mathematics.”

“I am Sipho. No problem, I will help you. Come sit next to me,” Sipho explained everything about Calculus until Lerato began to understand. Lerato started acting strange and Sipho started sweating.

“Please we need to finish this subject,” Lerato did not allow Sipho to finish.

“I know you love me and I saw you earlier at the shop. Look Sipho, you are smart and intelligent,” Lerato said this with a smile.

“I appreciate that and thanks,” Sipho remembered his friends’ words. “Lerato, can I have your WhatsApp contact?” Lerato gave Sipho her contact. “We can date,” Sipho approached Lerato and touched her on the cheek.

“Wow!” Lerato was smiling.

“We can date and have fun, I have feelings for you and be my girlfriend.”

“No problem my love, we can date plus I have been looking at you,”

Sipho was mad and happy at the same time and they started to kiss.


The lights were dimmed, with the flowers all over the floor and red wine on the table. The music was cool, playing love songs.

“Finally we have made it,” said Sipho, “and now I am prepared to marry you,” Sipho said in confidence.

Lerato cried tears of joy and she accepted Sipho’s proposal.

“Really?” Lerato said in happiness. “I would love to wait for that day,” Lerato was ready to marry Sipho.

Sipho stood on chair and faced this beautiful girl and knelt on one knee.

“Lerato, I am ready to marry you and we can start now,” Lerato was surprised.

“Do you mean now?” Lerato asked to confirm.

“Yes, I am prepared to marry you, would you marry me?” Lerato agreed and Sipho put the ring on her finger. They enjoyed and danced, they had fun. Sipho had finally got his girl.


Tell us: How do you feel towards Lerato and Sipho’s relationship and now marriage?