My father wanted to give me a long name, but my mother decided to name me Jerry because it suited me. My parents settled on Jerry and made it official. At first I didn’t like this name because my friends teased me about it. But as time has passed over the years I have started liking my name because everyone has made my name famous. Now I wonder, since my name is famous, why not make it more famous so I can used it in the future for myself and my career. So I decided to change my name to ‘Gerry G’. The reason I did this is because of my love and passion for DJing.

Although I don’t know the meaning of ‘Jerry’ if I had to give my name (Jerry G) a meaning then I’d say that my name means, goodness, power of music and making others happy.

I had a nickname, Jeremiah, but I didn’t like it because it had no feeling or excitement. So, if I have to choose between Jerry Govender or Jerry G, I choose Jerry G so that I can make my name famous for the future and for my future career in DJing.

I am Jerry G, formerly known as Jerry Govende.r