Basically, according to Oxford dictionary, medicine is the study and treatment of diseases and injuries. The health department is regarded vastly important in most countries as it affects a wider demographic. Medicine is a very delicate field, people’s lives depend on it, that’s why it requires intense study and extensive experience. It is also difficult to enrol into this discipline, because quality marks are strictly needed to qualify for this degree.

Every day in our lives we are fighting diseases, illnesses, injuries and so forth, the world at large is fighting life-threatening epidemic diseases such as Ebola, this disease is a thorn to societal health. Most countries are working tirelessly to bring the best medical health systems. In 2018 Germany was named to have one of the best medical health systems, with 80% of its health care system being government funded and the remaining being publicly funded, this means majority of people, especially the poor community, are receiving the best medical health.

I’m glad the impoverished citizens have access to quality medical facilities. With such a country managing to prioritise it’s people’s lives, why can’t it be every country’s goal to do so.

Medicine is my special career. In grade, we were required to wear dress codes of our careers. Immediately after school, I managed to gather a laboratory coat, stethoscope and gloves. Now that I’m grown, when I reminisce back to that day, I feel motivated not to give up on this career choice. My best friend also wants to become a doctor, at school we would spend hours talking about Medicine.

My brother was shot 17 years ago, resulting in a bullet being stuck in his shoulder. The doctors told him if they remove the bullet, there’s a possibility of him dying. When I become a qualified doctor, I would like to examine him and remove the bullet without any risk of him dying. My mother has high blood pressure, sometimes she sends me to collect her medication at the clinic and I find myself googling what her pills are made of, their functions, and their importance. The curiosity drives me crazy. I’m working hard to achieve this dream.

My ultimate goal in medicine is to cure HIV, sometimes I dream being the only person who can cure it. I was glad to hear that a man by the name of Timothy Ray Brown was the only person in history to be treated successfully for HIV. The progress towards curing this virus is remarkable so far.

In future I would like to contribute and invest in this field, I would offer my services for free and also pay varsity tuition fees for students interested in medicine. Countries such as South Africa are in need of quality doctors. For the health security of South Africa, I would advise students to engage in this career , not only because there’s a shortage of doctors but also because of patriotism. Passion and love will accelerate excellent work in this field.