Like a wheelbarrow, I am filled with an overflow of water that seeks to fill an empty tank I feel lying within me. Pressing towards a moment in time, for a break to break through my intellectual being… I, pushed to get over this emotion, for a break to break me through in God’s will. Like a heavy load of baskets filled with water… I took a breath within, pushing with sweat down my face like a stream of water as if flowing from a waterfall… as I climbed up the steep so high.

Higher I moved to catch my breath, as my breath interprets my heartbeat as if counting the footsteps of my heart. I speak with a voice dried out to be watered with the water that burst out of me as I push. I am running out of breath, but breath, they say, persuades me to push this load like a woman in labour, ready to give birth to a new baby. And so I push, hoping the pain I feel will finally relieve itself from my body.

And then I hear sounds calling for my attention. I cannot take it, so I step forward as I hear steps interacting with me; like a walk talk.

Change is on the way, they say. But I’m counting hours with my thought as my heart gives in to defeat.

Haaaa! Iyho! Eish! I have forgotten.

For a moment I forgot who I am, where I am and what I am supposed to do. “What is life anyway?” I said, spinning heads to directions of thoughts of ending this previous life. For this is heavy; I’m alone, am unloved, why me, God? That’s all I recalled from my memory box. Maybe I’m brain dead – dead I mean.

Headache, depression, frustrations, you name it, preoccupy me as if we have unfinished business. What business? For I am just a being, trying to be a being. That is just being me. Through my endless thoughts, tears rushed down my face endlessly and like a baby. I cried even more as if crying for a lollie pop. But then a thought crossed my mind and I remembered. I remembered that life is like a wheelbarrow filled with a load of water. And I said to myself, “Push, push I say. Cause when you reach home, under the shadow of your father’s house, you shall enjoy your water!”

It does not matter how many times you cry, fail, fall and feel down. When you fall, get up. When you fail, rise up for a second chance of success. When you cry, cry, for relief will find its way into your heart. And when you’re done, carry yourself up like there is no water in your wheelbarrow.

Cause no matter how heavy the water is and how high the steep is, you have to keep pushing. So keep pushing this wheelbarrow, for your reward is greater than your pain!

Tell us: When you feel like giving up, what motivates you to carry on?