At an early age I knew I had different dreams. They were influenced by hopes, courage and the love of art. I was still young but I could tell what I wanted and didn’t want. My grandmother believed I could sing; she was a great influence in inspiring that dream. But I had to go to school and choose a career path.

I had a role model in the music industry, Lauren Hill. That woman can sing, and so could I. I wanted to be out there, on TV and on the radio. I was so charismatic; I still am. I believe I can be what I want to be at any time. With good timing and knowledge of what I truly want, I can achieve anything.

Yes dreams have changed but I’m still focused. Now all I want is to find work and have a place of my own. The Fit for Life – Fit for work programme has reminded me a lot about my forgotten dreams. I can do more with dreams and hopes as my weapons.


Submitted at a Write4Life Workshop at Etafeni Day Care Centre.