I was glowing during my times in autumn, but your cold breath nearly took me to the bottom. Your cold intentions meant only to grow me, reform my inner peace and my fruitfulness. No one seems to glitter, but my enemies are left bitter, in this winter.

I long for your frosty silver, for they give me light when you take my gold in the night. Silence and shivering peace is what you’ve brought, you just know how to mess with my thoughts.

Your cold heart turned aqua into thin ice, and my love for you into thirst, I do need some rest. I smell death beneath my breath. I can feel your isolation for it causes me depression and it pains my operation.

Your path is very lonely, but for me only. For I see a rebirth of my love, a regeneration, a renewal, but most of all a self-reflection.

Perfection is what I need and want, but in which direction? I was longing for love, but you gave me dates instead of my fate. I feel goodness of heavens pouring down far north. Sir Santa Clause prepare your gifts for spring ring is around the corner.

You took away beautiful butterflies and have given me amazing snowflakes. Your cold hands are what I have right now, but with such a tender loving warm heart you gave me.

I was apart from you, but now I get to cuddle with you in this cold spell. Love is blind, please make up your mind. You are the depths of winter.


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