The right to education is very important to me as a child because it speaks on my behalf to get what will help me in the future. As education is the best key to a bright future when it is exercised accordingly, it gives me the decision of staying in poverty or moving out of poverty.

My parents are not educated, but because of this right to education to me as a child, I am able to read, write, and make decisions at a young age which is very useful to my family and my community.
Through this right of education, I am becoming a role model in my community because I am now able to access facilities such as libraries in my village.

As the aims of education are directed toward the development of each child’s personality and full potential, it also prepares me to participate in society, to do work that is rewarding and reasonably remunerative, and to continue learning throughout life. Through the right to education, my dignity at school is also maintained because it respects the inherent dignity of every child and creates an environment of respect and tolerance in the classroom, preventing practices and disciplinary policies that cause harm or humiliation to children, which promotes self-confidence and self-expression.

There is also equitable distribution of resources in education across communities according to need, which makes my life easier to be more educated in a poverty stricken village. I am also thankful to our government for excising a non-discrimination environment to education and helping the needy children access free education by paying their school fees. The government also ensured that the human right to education was exercised without discrimination of any kind as to race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status in order to accommodate every child.

Therefore, education is a powerful tool by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift up out of poverty and participate fully as citizens. I love this right as a child because it gives me a lot of access to unlock many big places which can change my life in a great positive way. Therefore, the proper implementation of this right will give each and every child in South Africa an opportunity to reach their goals in this life.