I promise to love you the way Sharon and Samuel loved each other. To never hurt you like the way the Mashabas did to Dineo. Even if I die, I will come back to you the way Tau did to Karabo. I will treat you like the queen that you are, and hope God will bless us with a prince to carry on my lagacy.

Even if your father doesn’t approve of our relationship the way Sibusiso doesn’t approve of Senzo and Jason, to keep me away from you he had better lock me in a prison of another country the way Kenneth is. For I am addicted to you the way Sello is now to drugs.

I promise to give you a shoulder to cry on the way Ruby does to her customers. For in times I am as broke as Isabel, you remind me that I am a hustler like Chopa. To show you how much I love you I will make a song about you the way Ajax did about Grace.

I will never double you the way Khapela did to Sarah with Khethiwe, but I promise to always be famished for your love like Tiny is for food. Even if they could say you are as ugly as Akhona, I will always be crazy about you the way Mawande is because of Noluntu.

Our relationship will be as prosperous as Ezweni Communications and as sustainable as Tsalanang. Because every moment I share with you feels like a honeymoon. I wish to see you every day like Generations, even if it is just for 30 minutes.