My name is Reef. I was born on the 23rd of December 2006 in Durban. My mom’s name is Chantel. My Dad’s name is Brandon. I have a little sister and her name is Kiayla. She is almost four years old and is very cute and naughty. When l was a baby, my very first word was ‘ball’. When I was small we lived in Amanzimtoti. My very first toy was an orange car. I still have that toy. On my third birthday, I got my first dog. Her name is Brandy. She is a staffi.

We moved away from Amanzimtoti to Gray Park Road on the Bluff. My first crèche that I went to was ST. Gerards, but my mom took me out of that school when I was still very small and moved me to Lancelot. Lancelot was a nice school and the teachers were very kind.

After Lancelot I went to Glenardle school. My mom and dad were also at Glenardle when they were small. I have three aunties. Their names are Debbie, Claudette and Bridgette. I also have three cousins and their names are Cavan, Wasim and Ameera. My granny’s name was June Dyer. She was a famous South African rock singer in the sixties. She died when I was only five. I loved my granny. My grandpa’s name was Barry Edwards and he was a well-known South African surfer. He died before I was born.

My other grandparents also died long ago. I have three dogs now. Brandy the staffie, Maverick a timber-wolf cross husky and Midnight, a long hair German Shepherd. I also have two cats named Salt and Pepper and a rainbow boa constrictor named, Aura. We have a jungle gym and a trampoline and lots of fun things to do.

My friends love coming to play at my house, I have a few friends on my road who come to play often. They are Jamie, Junior, Rachel, Aryan and Gerrie. We have lots of fun because our road is safe to ride bicycles on, so we do that a lot. I like to surf and build stuff with my dad in the workshop. My dad works all over the world. He looks for oil. My mom is a designer and likes to work on the computer. I like to work on the computer with her too. I like skateboarding and going to Ushaka and Peoples’ Park.

I can even ride a pogo stick very well. On my last birthday party my mom and dad built a full obstacle course in our garden and we had a ‘Call of Duty’ party. It was lots of fun. All the children got water guns, army hats, water bombs and even the parents had fun. It was messy and wet. My mom and dad also went to Brighton Beach School and were also in Fynn, so I’m really happy I can be there, just like them too.