The moon was consumed by clouds. Thunder broke the deathly silence that was hovering around, the night was dark and a glimpse of light came only when lightning struck.

I was in his house, with my back against the wall, shivers were running down my spine, my stomach was filled with butterflies and goose bumps were on every part of my skin. He was there, right in front me, his shirt was off and his masculine body weakened me, to the point where I couldn’t feel my knees. My eyes gave away the lust I felt for him at that time. And how exactly did I find myself in this situation?

It was on a Friday afternoon when I met him. I saw him and his friend, and made a silly comment about them and my big mouth got me into trouble. I don’t know how it happened but my comment seemed to have sparked some interest in him towards me. We instantly became friends and not long after that he started asking me out.

The feeling wasn’t mutual. Many were the times when I told him that my heart belonged to another man just to get him off my back. He acted as if he were deaf. One thing he said which still makes me giggle until this point was, “I don’t care, and I am fine with being your side dish.” I knew I was in deep trouble. A guy like that wouldn’t just let me be.

On another day, he volunteered to walk me home and I accepted. On our way he told me about his feelings once more. I knew that the only way to get rid of him was to give in. I accepted his proposal. Later on that day when I arrived home, I sent him a text saying that I couldn’t date him and that I only accepted his proposal because of his persistence. I then blacklisted his line and made sure I never saw him again. The no-seeing-him part was easy since I never gave him the chance to know where I lived.

A year passed. And then I saw him again, this time he regularly came to my school because his friend was on his teaching practice there. He came up to me with an, “Are you okay, what’s up?” I played along pretending to be oblivious to what had happened.

I was a book worm. I was intrigued by my books, they consumed all my time and even though I didn’t want to admit it, they kept me away from the romantic relationship fever that all my friends had. I became obsessed with keeping my grades up. This made me blindly trust anyone offering to help me with my academics.

He invited me to his house, claiming that he wanted to give me a chemistry book, it was only now that I realised how idiotic I was at that point. I accepted his offer and went to his house after school thinking that he wanted to help me. My mother wasn’t in love with the idea of visiting a friend after sunset, but she came through due to my persistence. He invited me in, I was a bit reluctant at first but then I thought to myself “Hey what’s the worst that could happen?” I didn’t think he would try anything with me because he was now my friend’s boyfriend.

I entered his house and immediately after, he pushed me against the wall and he took off his shirt. I first looked at him in confusion and thought a joke to myself, “What kind of chemistry book is this?” I snapped back to reality and realised the situation I was in. I was in a man’s house at night, while it was raining outside and the guy was shirtless. Oh my gosh!

I can’t say I disliked the view. His body was tempting me in every possible way. He didn’t seem to want to force me, he just looked at me and waited as if he wanted my approval. The ball was in my court. I could say no and that’s what I did. I pushed him aside and hastily left.
I called my friend and told her everything upon reaching home. Of course she didn’t believe me. It’s good that later on God made her see the kind of guy she was dating. Every dog has his day after all.


Tell us: If you were in this girl’s shoes, what would you have done differently?