The sound of their angry voices was as loud as a thunderstorm and it broke through the gaps in my fingers, as I used them to cover my ears. Inside there was a storm raging. Raindrops hit me cold and merciless and the wind made my whole body shake. For a moment I forgot how to breathe.

Beside me on the floor, Peaches, named after my favourite food, sat still and solid as her fluffy ears also listened to them fighting. She has been our family dog for about forever now and I could not remember a time when she has not been by my side.

Whenever she looked at me with those sweet, innocent, brown eyes, I felt really special. I felt safe.

As soon as there was a little break in the storm, I wiped away the tears remaining on my cheeks and went to sit by the window. The night was clear and cool, the stars dancing and singing like they do every night.

I loved them.

The moon was as striking as always, so full of love and light that I believed it would one day explode, shattering its hope all over the earth.

I heard a noise and looked around to see Peaches giving me a sad look, as if asking, “What is wrong?”

I only looked away, shaking my head. I could not answer a question I didn’t have an answer to. Peaches was not satisfied though, and came to put her little black nose on my knee.

I gave her a glare, but still felt the tightness in my chest decreasing. I stroked her on the head, feeling her strength flooding into me.

And I found myself saying the things I would never admit to a fellow human being.

“I am scared, Peaches. I am lost and empty, even though I used to be as breathtaking as the moon. And I do not know how to be that way again.”


Tell us: Do you think it’s possible to be happy again after a thunderstorm in ones life?