I met you in 2013 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And like a broom you swept me off my feet, turned my life way upside down into a dark unfamiliar road. You owned me that year, I was dancing to your tune. You would wake me up in the middle of the night, convincing me I was about to die ‘cause my heart was beating like drums. And in those times, I would forget how to breathe.

Yeah, I still remember the unexpected panic attacks. You introduced me to your friends by force; you called them Paranoia and Depression. I was feeling your oppression. I called you king and I bowed down to your needs. I felt rational in my irrational thoughts and you would come and choke me and take my breath away when I was over thinking.

You had me thinking my loved ones were in danger when they were actually safe and sound. You picked your victims well. You came around when I was at my weakest and going through trauma and you took away every bit of logic I had. I felt like I had enemies who were out to get me when I hadn’t done anything to anybody.

It’s funny now but then I wasn’t laughing. You had me at the palm of your hands; I was really your fool.

But see, there was a tool you couldn’t control that supplied me with knowledge and told me all about you and how you operate. That’s how your operation was closed. I finally found out that you’re nothing but a figment of my imagination. I imagine you knew your time was up. Even though you still visit me, you at least you can’t hide because I know every trick in the book you use. But I’ve got to give it to you, Anxiety, you really are so cruel. But I won’t let you victimise anymore victims, so I’m exposing you.


Tell us: Do you ever get anxiety? How do you cope with it?