Growing up my life was so miserable. At home I was not treated the same way as my sister; she was my mother’s favourite. Time passed and I suffered from depression. I even tried to kill myself. I did not see any reason for me to be alive because I felt like my mother did not want me. She did not giving me any attention compared to my sister. She did not love me the way she loved her.

After finishing Matric I fell pregnant. My mother married and took my sister to live with her and left me in her shack, alone while pregnant. My boyfriend left me also. I would cry myself to sleep every night. Sometimes I would go to bed hungry; I had no one to talk to, or cry to.

When I gave birth that was when my life changed, everything just changed. I saw life differently. There was happiness in my life for the first time. There was no more crying; my daughter just changed my life. She has made me see life differently. There are no more suicidal thoughts.

Now I have a reason to live. I want to go back to school and do a teaching degree so she can have a brighter future. Having her in my life has made me want to be something in life. I want her to have everything that I never had; I want to be the best mother any child could ever wish for.


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