If you feel ugly, know that it’s all mental. They control you, it’s called governmental. Know that you’re monumental, that’s fundamental.

One of the greatest minds created the system, a snatch and grab, fight and stab, kill and steal. Making you believe that money is power so you can compete with one another and be divided.

They convinced you to buy wigs, put on make-up, bleach your skin. They used fear to control you. Fear of not having food, fear of living on the streets, fear of not being the accepted version of success. I see, I hear but to see does not mean to not fear. The end is near, the system is thriving, are you surviving?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you think when you’re not thinking? Who can tell you you’re ugly when you have control over your thoughts?

When you buy different kinds of hair yet you have your own, does your brain not ponder? Don’t tell me about trying to grow your hair, don’t tell me about the state of your hair and don’t you dare tell me about beauty! You’re a target market. You’re THE market! It’s just another strategy to divide and conquer.

If you compete, you fight, and if you fight, you divide, and divided, you can’t win. The system is a fraud. They’ve turned the entire world into a mental institution. We’re looking for the solution but it ends up being a delusion.

Nothing is normal, nothing is authentic. No one really knows anything. Everything is already fake, don’t be fake too.

When you see past the bullshit and lies, when you see past what they’re showing you, you’ll see that almost everything you believe to be true is not close to the truth. Black girls are the target. Too many factors are involved, it’s politicization and is aims to achieve exploitation. It’s a cage of categorization. They keep you watching television so they can watch you. Your every move on social media, every text, every search. They need to keep you from bringing them down. The system is not in your favour, the system was created to destroy you.

That job you have is to ensure you are eternally enslaved and too busy to ever live or think. They made basic human needs a way to keep you working. For we all need food, water and shelter. But killing humanity is the best way to adversity.

So just look clearer, more thoroughly, think clearer, more critically. You’re not ugly. You don’t need lighter skin or bigger boobs and buttocks to be beautiful. They’ve defined beautiful for you just to keep you on a leash. They feel threatened when you call yourself a Brown Skin Girl.

So be beautiful in your brown skin and afro. Know that your beauty is defined by you and never give another person the power of making you feel less worthy. They’ve controlled you enough, control how you look, control your perception of yourself. You matter and they don’t. You’re monumental.

To hell with the system!


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