As we live here on earth, we have to realise that life is not about pleasing those who have money but the one who gives us life every day, God. This is because those people with money were also created by God. When we please people with money, we have no time to please and love God. Having money should not be a weapon for abusing other people. Again, having money should not be seen as something that one has to use to treat other people as garbage.

It is just that you worked very hard in whatever you were doing and money is just a reward of that hard work. Those people who don’t have money and are living in poverty are also human beings just like the ones with money. They are also capable of having money one day in their lives. They are the ones who, in most of the times, are much knowledgeable than the one with money. It has been evidenced that those children who come from poor backgrounds are the ones that progress well and pass with flying colours, more than those from rich families.

All in all, we have to know that God is more useful and important in our lives than any money on earth.


Tell us: What would you liken money to?