The wind blew and the leaves fell from the trees. The days of the past were turning into beautiful memories made up of hours of joy. Although tomorrow would come, the future was not certain.

Happiness in the world was made out of thoughts of the children in the days of the past, where everything seemed so simple and easy. A time when the sun was still shining and the earth was warmer for the people who lived in it.

Nowadays, cold days are all that exist and seconds seemed to last forever. An old man’s eyes once looked upon the sky and saw birds flying. Today, a young man sees a tornado spinning in the destruction of a place that was once known as home, home to the people of the world. Stars came with the night and the sun rose with the morning. Some no longer knows what morning is.

The people of the world thought that darkness was just a stranger lost in a place known as brightness. Soon, the bright world that was home to the people of the world turned dim and the darkness overshadowed the bright place and killed the light of the world.

Today or tomorrow? You could no longer tell. Days remained the same. Different parts of time were scattered all over the place. Hours, minutes and seconds were all broken into pieces of an unknown world, filled with lost souls of the people of the world.

The world was damaged. Slowly, but surely it was dying. Nothing was moving. Soon there would be no living thing. Those who were still alive felt dead, for what they saw outside was killing them inside. The once powerful sun was now powerless and it could no longer rise to burn down those who deceived it. Weakened by the rising of the darkness, even the moon seemed to be afraid of what turned out to be an ending of existence.

Sound could no longer be heard. All that was left was the ability to see and to feel. This was a farewell to the living as the dead were welcomed. Something was happening and it was nothing compared to the incomparable world that was once known.

It wouldn’t be long before the world ceased to exist.


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