About five million years ago, before humans came into existence, a great civilization flourished in a secluded planet located somewhere in the far reaches of the Galaxy. This was known as Dwarf planet and these beings were known as the Halflins. Their society was advanced in medicine, science and technology.

At one point in time a rebellion broke out in Heaven, a neighbouring planet to the Halflins. The Halflins sheltered the Leviathans, the inhabitants of Heaven. This act received so much wrath from the elders of Heaven.

This forced the elders of Heaven to destroy the Halflins sun in order to punish them. The Halflins were forced to invent their own sun. But this sun turned out to be a disaster as it over heated due to excess carbon and exploded, destroying the entire Halflins civilization .

The planet itself became lost and went into extinction. Not until five million years later, when a team of space rangers from the human race decided to explore the dwarf planet of the Halfins, that the lost planet finally reappeared .

~5,000,000 years later~

Smith is seated at the cockpit as he expertly pilots through large bodies of asteroids. His partner Jim is busy reading the radar.

“We’ve been flying for months without any sign of life except these damn bloody rocks,” Smith complained angrily.

“Bingo! I think I am seeing something,” Jim announced.

“What’s that?” Smith asked curiously.

“I smell vegetables, burnt vegetation. There is something on the radar. I think we’re above a planet.”

Smith nodded as he brought the spacecraft towards the planet, bringing it to a halt while floating above it. They picked up their masks connected to oxygen tanks and boarded a landing craft to the ground.

When they got to the ground Jim exclaimed, “Holy crap, it looks like a field of roasted corn. Someone might have dropped a bomb to wipe out the entire planet.”,.

“My guess is that this was a natural disaster,” Smith pointed at a particular crater .

Both men walked a short distance, exploring the destructed planet. Before long they came across skeletons.

“Looks like it was once inhabited by creatures, they kind of look like humans,” Jim told Smith.

“Hey buddy, look what I found,” Smith held up a green plant.

“That’s aloe vera man!” Jim exclaimed.

They continued walking until they came across destroyed machines and scientific equipment, and next to those a large valley that looked like it once had water in it.

“I hope you’re picking few collections dude?” Jim asked Smith who nodded.

“I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t,” Smith laughed.

Suddenly meteor rocks started raining with sulphuric gas.

Both men narrowly escaped death as they made their way back to the landing craft and returned back to their space craft. They then returned back to planet earth.

After conducting thorough research using the samples brought back by Smith and Jim. It was finally established that before the human race came into existence, there was already advanced civilizations throughout the universe.

Thus, the hunger for man to further explore outer space began. The sample they brought back convinced the human race that aliens did exist, and it was their duty to find them.


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