Ever since I was a boy I’ve always been observant. I had experienced the wrath of the world, but it was nothing compared to the damage she had suffered.

A rather peculiar character, I thought, when I first laid my eyes on you. Real shy and clumsy, but observant. A sweet melancholy. I survived a journey filled with sadness and sorrow, from being at the rapture of life to finding solace in alcohol. I had a home, but my heart was never home because the Lion preyed on me most.

I cursed God when I was just 11. “Look at me now, I am God,” I sneered whenever I heard praises of the “Lord”. I laid in bed as a child and I asked, “Why me, God?” What had I done to deserve such, had the so called God forsaken me? I became an atheist, I mean I already was a free thinker.

All I knew was hate, torment, frustration and violence.

I crossed paths with the Lion and I’d get mesmerized by the wrath I’ve always dreamed I’d unleash someday. Suffering silently each and every time, a woe would follow thereafter. But it was my burden to carry because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And yet here I stand and this, right now, is my only focus.

Out of nowhere came a melody, so abrupt that my flames were extinguished. That’s when I knew I had to find you, the voice that calmed my soul. Where do I go to start my search for my unknown love?

“But it is merely a voice note,” at least that’s what Jigga said. Although that was an understatement because it was a melody that tamed a beast. And with you I found my love.


Tell us: Have you ever met someone who changed your life so radically?