So, you moulded me from soil and fashioned me as your replica. You see, I carry a heart of God himself, for I know not to count abysmal treatment. Like an infant cradled in a cocoon of warmth, my fears are banished from the dark clouds hanging over my soul.

God, what’s been presented to me has been nothing more than blissful dreams sold to me at a cheap price. Where is my life headed?

I walk on the ground crafted by Your hands as a gift to mankind, but this gift for me, came unwrapped and I’ve received it with eyes full of tears. If I did not accept it, this heart wrapped in shattered glass would have been someone else’s to carry.

I’m not strong, my strength does not compare to the roots grafted on the tree of life.

When I shut my eyes and hold my heart, I succumb to waves of pain and I can’t breathe. I drown from the recollections of my surroundings and the willingness to fight for a better life. Now I know why I was made from soil.

You see, the argument would be “the rock is stronger”, but the soil sustains even though the soil erodes, but no proper foundation would be made without its mixture. You crafted me and made me a delicate treasure, one whose leaves will fall but still grace the feet that trample on me.

The winds may come and I may shift direction, but there’s no life without me. God, you fashioned me to have your heart.


Tell us: What do you think the writer means in the last line?