Wherever you are, maybe you’re asking yourself what does she mean when she says “man-made hell”?

Missionaries brought the Bible to Africa, they are the ones who have the full information about the Bible. But how come that their arrival in Africa was not a great one? They tortured everyone who did not accept the religion that they introduced.

A European man said to Shaka Zulu, “If you don’t convert to Christianity you are going to burn in hell.” That was a way of forcing Shaka to accept this religion. Christianity was forced on our ancestors by White people. Boers again tortured our people during apartheid, so you want to tell me that someone who’s got such information about hell was going to treat you that way?

Missionaries forced everything, yet they came with this book they call the “Holy book”. They were supposed to behave because they would know that by torturing other people they are sinning, but no they went on and on. Missionaries were supposed to be the first ones to obey everything that is written in the Bible. To me, their continued torture and enslavement of black people proves that hell does not exist.

If you can go back and read history books they will tell you how Christianity was forced on black people.

White people are so clever, they don’t want anything bad that will tarnish their name. They always want to be on the good books. So do you think if hell was real they will ever want to go there? They would make sure to abide by the rules. They would never allow being hated by God.

They knew that there is no hell but they wanted you, black people, to give your fortune to them. Their plan was to take everything good that belongs to the black person by giving them rules. The Bible was brought here to give rules to the black child.

Their plan was to make you obey everything that they say because you don’t want to go to hell. They planned all of this properly before coming to Africa. And you know what, their plan worked because up to date people are not going to church out of their own will but because they are afraid to burn in hell.

People live in fear daily. Wake up African child. There is no hell anywhere, but there are different spiritual dimensions where people live according to how they were living their lives on earth. You will not burn in hell but you will reap the consequences of doing bad things while you were still alive.

I am not afraid of going to hell because it is not going to happen. So this means that you don’t have to go church because you want to be safe from hell, but go to church because you want to connect with your Creator.

Missionaries will always look down on you because you always dance for everything they say. If hell exists, then why did they torture and kill your ancestors during apartheid and not go to hell?

Africans, stop running away from researching. It is the very same reason that makes these people tell you lies. They know that you won’t find out because you don’t like conducting research.

Stop worshiping God under fear, be free and wake up because if you don’t you will be forever played.

I am not here to convert anyone from their opinions, but this is my belief so everyone must stick to their belief, but be aware of lies.


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