I dip this quill in my tears and write a crying letter to Mama Africa. Division is bitter, unity is greener and sweeter. In this letter I fight for the right of the muffled white African minority. Unity is blind to tribe and race. Sinner is when you know the truth and not tell it. Help me bail Africa’s unity out of court and free it from racial and tribal judgement.

Hunger holds hostage many men, women and children. Our arrogant objection to unite enrols their lives in danger. A strong economy is a united economy. The educational system must be altered to suit our daily needs. Africa must have its own technology, nuclear weapons and space dish.

Let us all stand as a single unit and march toward a bright and glorious tomorrow. I know many black Africans don’t believe that we have proud white Africans. I blame them not but I preach light to my fellow white Africans. I will speak your voice and choice to stand for our black soil. Let us manufacture our own cars. Less importing more exporting, and agriculture is our economy. We have all the natural resources, you can name them because you know and own them.

Mama Africa, I pray a day comes when a united summer blossoms in the United States of Africa. White Africans hide not, we are all on the same boat. Let us sail ashore and build a beautiful world like Dubai. Africans, lend me your ears. The days of slavery have faded away, we share this land with other races now. Now it is time to rise our soil to its golden prime. Unemployment is a deadly virus to our people.

We need more black entrepreneurs and fewer workers. Invent for Africa not for a ticket overseas. Let us make them pay more. If they sanction us, let us be ready to return the favour tenfold. The west does not hold no man’s freedom, they do not have all the answers and their way is not our way. Why follow when we can pave a new path? Blind is the one who follows without questions. Swahili must be taught as a home language in all schools in the United States of Africa.

They must speak our tongue if they want business with Africa. One currency, one I.D, one language is my message to all Africans of all colours. How can we have cheap internet when we keep renting from a space dish? How can we have cheap phones when we keep importing? How can we drive cheap powerful cars when we keep importing?

The problem is that Africa is still seeking western approval, our educational system is still teaching the younger generation to dance until the west claps. We are not a charity case, we are kings and queens. Why wait for Western food when can farm? Come on people we have fertile soil


Tell us: What are your thoughts about the writer’s idea of ‘United States of Africa’?