Grief Dollar was born in Chicago, America. He was staying with his mom, his dad died when he was five-years-old. He was always watching soccer on TV and he was very good at soccer. His best friend Lucky was also playing soccer, they were friends since grade 4.

Grief and Lucky attended London high school and they both played soccer for under 17. Grief was very determined when it came soccer and wished to play for Barcelona.

In their school team Grief was the top goal scorer, Lucky was good too, but not good as Grief.

When they were in grade 11 their coach announced that the manager of Barcelona would choose one player from their school team.

“The person who is going to be appointed must score three goals in two matches,” said the coach.

Grief scored those goals in one match, so was chosen to play for Barcelona. He was very happy because his dream was coming true.

Lucky was jealous because he didn’t get chosen. He thought of a plan to get rid of Grief. He bribed some gangsters with his expensive watch to kidnap Grief on the day he was supposed to catch his flight for his new Barcelona training.

The gangsters did as ordered. Grief missed his flight and was badly beaten.

Grief saw his best friend’s watch and asked where the gangster got it and he said it was a payment. Grief then knew that his friend Lucky jeopardised his career and his flight. That is why Grief says to never trust a person, trust a stone.


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