Lucia’s salon is located in Mpumalanga, Barberton. Lucia is a Zulu girl who loves style and fashion. When she began with her salon in the year 2009, she only started with two short girls from Soweto, in Meadowlands.

Now her salon had an addition of twenty female staff in total. They could hairstyle over a hundred people a day. Tebogo, who also stayed in Barberton, Mpumalanga, was going to get married to a rich husband originally from Free State, Mafikeng, on Saturday.

Tebogo trusted Lucia’s salon with hairstyling. On Friday morning all the bridesmaids were gathered in Tebogo’s apartment, which had an eight-door garage for luxury cars, two BMWs with a Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover and a Porsche. The house was a thirty-room in total.

Tebogo’s rich husband-to-be, Matete, organised his bodyguards to accompany the twelve bridesmaids who had been friends with Tebogo for a long time. Six of them were originally from Limpopo, the other six resided in Centurion, Pretoria. Tebogo trusted her friends so much because they kept their promises and they never disappointed her. They planned a ladies’ gathering every month to discuss how to improve themselves by making wealth.

The twelve bodyguards, who wore black leather jackets, white shirts with black ties and shiny shoes, arrived on time at Barberton, Mpumalanga. The twelve bridesmaids looked beautiful as they got into the limousine.

Lucia was ready for the arrival of the bridesmaids. They got in, so excited, wearing black pants and the same white T-shirts that said, “We are happy for you Tebogo we wish you all the best.” Lucia’s employees hairstyled the twelve bridesmaids with matching straight-up hairstyles with silver and gold beads, and a long pony tail.

Saturday at 12 noon was the wedding day. Tebogo Shabalala would change her surname to Masuku. Matete was wearing a cream white suit, a white T-shirt and a red tie. His wife-to-be today, Tebogo, was wearing a nice purple dress with glitter, made by her close friend Lerato who was attending the same University in KZN, and who was known as the best designer.

At the church ceremony, Tebogo and Matete were close together in front of people supporting them; both sets of parents and the priest were all ready to make the two a family. Their priest was proud that the couple had dated for 11 years with no children.

The church service began at 13:00 with singers, gorgeous ladies from Mafikeng in Free State. The ladies opened the wedding ceremony with a beautiful song. The priest then asked everyone to take a seat.

There was silence in the Botanical Gardens wedding venue. The priest asked the crowd in the church, “Is there anyone among you who is against the wedding of Tebogo and Matete?” Luckily there wasn’t. Tebogo was happy that no one was there to be against the wedding. They continued. One bridesmaid and a groomsman brought gold rings to the front in a gold and black package, nicely put together.

The priest asked Matete to kiss his new wife, Tebogo. The crowd ululated happily. The parents stood up proudly supporting the marriage. Tebogo was announced as Tebogo Masuku. That was the end part of the wedding.

The next part was heading to their home in Barberton, Mpumalanga, to their beautiful huge apartment. Their helpers prepared food, tables, and chairs covered in purple and cream. The venue prepared red and green flower leaves on the tables and on the red carpet. They went inside singing and happy. After they sat down with a nice speech from both families, they were served with food and drinks.

That night the couple had a nice sleep knowing that they were married. They were already planning to have children.


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