Freedom has given us justice and liberty to do whatever we want. It comes with what I call our full potential, our rights. They are our ticket to the joyful triumph we endorse nowadays. It’s thanks to our heroes that we have what we have.

But why do we abuse the freedom we have? I find that people have taken advantage of the fact that they can do anything. Why rape? These people are no good in the outside world; they deserve to be locked in a cell. People need to understand the meaning, the real meaning, of being free. Being free doesn’t mean one is free to have free jobs, to have free land and to be free to have illegal abortions. Freedom means they are free to express themselves in a world or country where there is no more violence or racism.

Well before Nelson Mandela’s time, there was no freedom, but racism and violence. This then became a struggle due to the separation of black and white people, in which the white people had the better lands and transport. In those days there was all kinds of abuse, but now that’s all over. We are a step ahead to a new evolution: a country of peace and harmony.

It’s disappointing to find that history is now repeating itself in what we call freedom. Our teenagers drink themselves silly and our young girls fall pregnant and abort their babies. Nonetheless, we still find people complaining about how they are being unfairly treated in their work places.
Let’s all be fair, think ahead, and know that freedom isn’t freedom alone, but with a good educational background, then there is freedom; Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the key to freedom.”

Yes, I agree that even though people are educated, they still cannot find jobs. That’s sad of course, but the answer to that is that people must know and learn that life is not easy. Even to those successful people, it was not easy before. But they conquered each and every step to regain their freedom. You are free, because you work to be free. A fact.

Teenagers misunderstood the point of freedom from the beginning. That’s why they are so wild. It’s hard to convince them because they believe that since they fought racism and discrimination, they can meander anywhere at any time. That’s why you find most of our young black children dropping out of schools, getting arrested.

All I wanted to express was that we need to think ahead, develop and stop this xenophobic discrimination because we all come from one god. Let us live up to the future and follow our dreams. Stop biting each other’s necks and understand the true meaning of freedom. Through all that, we will become even more united as a nation, and we won’t have to embarrass ourselves any more like a bunch of uneducated Africans.

Yes, to true freedom.


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