“So why don’t you just leave when you know I’m continuously going to hurt you!” Ashton yells at me.

His words sting and cause an instant pain in my chest.

“I can’t,” I say in between sobs.

“I mean there are other boys out there, boys better than me,” Ashton continues as my face falls.”

“But you the boy I want,” I say.

“But you’re not the one I want.”

His words catch me off guard as tears form in my eyes.

I lift myself from the swing set to leave this beautiful starry night behind. As I leave I feel Ashton’s hand around my wrist.

“Carla I didn’t mean it like that, I really do like you. Matter of fact, I love you. I just don’t know how to say it. You’re so innocent and pure and I don’t want to hurt you. So I’d rather prefer you stay away.”

“But Ashton we’re so close, I thought maybe we should take it a step further”.

“Carla look if I want you, I want you forever. I don’t want your for a short period of time Carla.”

“Not all things last forever Ashton.”


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