It is very important to accept others character. This is my story, I will start from the beginning.

I was around seven-years-old when my mother tried to change my character. She used to feel I was different from normal people, like I needed to do things as others did. She used to beat me up when I did things slowly and due to other reasons that I can’t change. When I reached 12 years old she passed away. My life remained the same though, as I received a guardian who happened to also want to fight my character.

I was surrounded by people who would call me names, insult me and would treat me as a fool, but they all didn’t matter. I would cry and pacify myself knowing that I can’t do anything about my character.

I used to sit on a corner looking at different characters, and I would see that people hate each other because of characters. The same amount that you hate my character might be the same amount I hate yours, this is the other reason that we should learn to accept characters.

How painful it is to be humble before people who don’t seem to care, before people who think you’re not worth respect, before people who don’t understand you whereas you understand them. People who are themselves are better than pretenders; be yourself and you will be accepted.

When I grew older people started saying they were learning more from me. Some called me good names, stating that I am perfect, which is not actually the truth, no one is perfect. I also commit mistakes, but I learn.

My point is to accept different characters from different people, never judge anyone’s character. If you feel other people’s character doesn’t please you, it’s possible that even your character doesn’t please them.


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