If you want to be successful in life, never depend on your friends because friends come and go like leaves of a tree. Most of those people whom you treat as your friends will only appear to you when your sun is shining. That is when you have succeeded your goals in life. Not all your friends are going to be there for when you are working towards your goal. A lot of them will disappear during the time when you are going to need them to help you succeed.

Others are even going to tell you that you are never going to achieve your goal just because they failed to achieve their goals. So remember and always remember, everything that you dream to have or accomplish in your life begins with you and not someone else’s life, only within you. Just stick to whatsoever you are doing right now. If it is school, just keep on working hard and remember to do your school with people who are going to help you with your studies other than rather people who are only at school just because their parents have asked them to go to school.

Be the change that you want to see in the future. Making it to your goal is not so difficult, it just needs you to be yourself and have faith and confidence within you. Any success begins within you and any successful person that you see or know, let it be your dad, mother, neighbour, President or any public figure that you know, they all reached that position by working hard towards their goal.

If you haven’t yet began working towards your goal on this day, you are not too late. This is the time. Go out there and start working towards your goal. Don’t wait for your parents or friends to tell you when to start chasing your dream. This is the time. If you are just seated in front of a television and waiting for the day to disappear, switch off that television and plan what you want in your life. If you are waiting for your boyfriend to bring food on your table, then you are wasting your time. Be yourself and start working on that goal that you think of every year of your life.