“Love can be a good thing and it can also be doom.”
It’s hard to believe my story, but its real and natural, like it always happens. There is always that one intelligent, handsome and quiet boy who doesn’t have a girlfriend, but many have him as their crush. I am that type of a boy.

I caught many female classmates checking me out during class, but they talk within their circle about how they ironically hate that quiet boy, but some of them really have something for him.

My misery started when I first received a purple message from four different numbers. They all pointed out to be my classmates. All of them are beautiful, but they were not my type. Many guys hate me for that, having what they can’t have. The messages never stopped coming but they increased to six within two days.

That’s when I knew that I was in a love polygon. How do I know the person/people sending these awkward messages? I rode in the oblivion of reality until Sandra confronted me privately. That’s when I knew I was the centre of this polygon.
Love is Truly Crazy


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